We need you!  We rely heavily on volunteers and the local community to run our programs. Each program provides a fun way to gain volunteer experience. Volunteers will receive specialized training, develop great friendships, get some exercise, and share the love of recreational activities with a child or adult while helping them overcome challenges.  There is no cost but your time, effort, and desire to work with children or adults with disabilities!

For specific program volunteer requirements, please visit our program pages.  Schedules for programs and training can be found on our calendar.  Call 454-1449 or contact us through our contact page for questions, concerns, or more information.

All volunteers must complete a volunteer application.  Many programs also have supplemental forms assist with scheduling needs.

Everyone volunteering in our programs or at any of our facilities must sign the liability waiver. Program volunteers must complete a background check. Anyone under 18 must have a parent/guardian sign.  The media is optional but we hope that you all will sign it so we can share your great works and adventures on our media sites and website.  Click on the link to the right hand side labeled “Sign Waiver Online” and/or “Complete Background Check”.  If you don’t want to sign our Online Waiver, please choose “Print Waiver”, print, sign and return with application. Thank you!!!

Supplemental Program Forms – Some programs have supplemental program forms.  If you are interested in any of these programs, please complete the form and return along with your volunteer application.

Groups – if your group would like to volunteer for a project please give us a call, (406) 454-1449, and we will get you connected!

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