Our services are available to individuals of all ages with a disability (physical, developmental, mental and/or behavioral) that makes it difficult or impossible to enjoy recreation without assistance.

Not all recreational activities may be appropriate for all disabilities, ages or behaviors.

Individuals will be assessed by the staff for appropriateness in the programs. There is a minimal participation fee for each program – see our Participant Billing Policy. There is no fee to our veterans participating in the Montana Vet Program or other veteran activities.

For specific program participation requirements, please visit our program pages.  Schedules for programs can be found on our calendar.  Call 406-454-1449 or contact us through our contact page for questions, concerns, or more information.

All participants must complete a participation application. A medical report is requested from your physician or other medical professional to verify your current health status.  Many programs also have supplemental surveys to assist with scheduling needs.

Supplemental Program Surveys – Skiing, Horsemanship and the Montana Vet Program have supplemental program surveys.  If you are interested in any of these programs, please complete the survey and return along with your participation application.  The Montana Vet Program has its survey included in its program packet.

Groups – if your group would like to participate in a specific program please give us a call, (406) 454-1449, and we will get you connected!

GFPD program: Special Needs Registration Form.  This is a voluntary program provided by GFPD to help keep your loved one safe!  Click on the form for more information.