Sled Hockey

“Put Your Disability on Ice”
Sled hockey is played by a wide range of players with a variety of mobility limitations: amputees, spinal cord injuries, spina bifida, along with anyone who has a disability that limits participation in stand up hockey.

Sled hockey is played like traditional stand up hockey except the players sit in a specially designed bucket seat attached to a lightweight frame with hockey skate blades underneath and propel through the ice with two adaptive hockey sticks.

We are here to assist players with transfers from wheelchair to sled, we do our best to empower our participants to be able to transfer on their own.  Safety is our utmost priority for our participant, staff and volunteer.

Sled Hockey will return November 2021!


For more information contact our Sled Hockey Coordinator:

T.B.A. – for more information contact our Executive Director, Deb Sivumaki at (406) 454-1449 or [email protected]


Participant and Volunteer Requirements

COVID 19 Updates

4/1/2020:  To ensure the safety of our community we are in the process developing plans for all of our programs to run safe.  At this time only a few will open and this will be through day to day, week to week decision making.  Our staff will also be working remote but checking messages on a regular basis.

9/1/2020: The sled hockey program will be closed for the 2020 season. It will return November 2021. We will post updates as well as contact our volunteers and participants after we have our 2021/2022 plan in place.  If you have questions or need more information, please give us a call at 454-1449.


  • Ages 6 years and up with a disability that limits/restricts regular ice skating.
  • Weight limit 275 lbs.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for cold/winter conditions (close toed shoes, layers).
  • Must be able to process simple directions.
  • Must wear a hockey helmet with a cage (provided by Eagle Mount or may bring own).


  • Ages 14 and up.
  • Must be able to skate independently.
  • Attend sled hockey volunteer training provided by Eagle Mount.
  • Must wear a hockey helmet (provided by Eagle Mount or may bring own).