2019 Summer Calendar – All programs



Adaptive climbing is both physically and psychologically beneficial and requires not only movement and strength but also courage and planning.  Program provided through the Hi-Line Climbing Center.

  • Bouldering Basics: Bouldering is a form of rock climbing on shorter walls with no ropes and no harnesses; but with big pads underneath to provide a safer landing. This is a small group that is learning the fundamentals of climbing techniques, meeting new friends and getting physically stronger. (8 yrs old and up)
  • Learn the Ropes: This form of rock climbing is with ropes to help assist the climber. The climber may be using the climbing holds on the walls and/or the ropes to ascend. (8 yrs old and up)
  • Level Up (VO-V2): After mastering the Bouldering Basics class, this is the next level. This is a small group with a coach to help the climber work through bouldering problems. This group has the possibility to compete in bouldering competitions around the state of Montana. (12 yrs old and up)
  • One-on-One: This class is for those that may not be ready for a group setting. This is catered individually to the climber and their needs. (6 yrs old and up)
Current Climbing Schedule

For more information contact our Climbing Coordinator:

Steph Richardson:  [email protected]


  • Ages 8 and up
  • Must be ambulatory
  • Have controlled behavior – ability to consistently follow directions.
  • Cost: $10 per class


  • Ages 16 and up.
  • Attend Eagle Mount Climbing Volunteer Training.
  • You will be helping and assisting climbers to learn the basics of bouldering in a safe environment with skilled professionals.  You will be helping to teach/assist basic spotting, planning a climb and achieving it.
  • Must wear clothes that are comfortable to move around in.  Feel free to bring a water bottle.  Climbing shoes will be provided.  A Hi-Line Liability waiver must be signed before being able to volunteer in this program.

Friday Night Out and Prom

Gatherings for our participants to socialize with their peers in a safe and supervised environment.

For more information contact our Coordinator:

Ronni Halko – [email protected]



  • Friday Night Out: Ages 13 and up.
  • Prom: Ages 15 and up.


  • Ages 16 and up.
  • Act as mentors and willingness to get involved.
  • Help demonstrate and uphold Eagle Mount expectations.


Bowling provides the opportunity to bowl and socialize with their peers in a supervised yet public place.

For more information contact our Bowling Coordinators:

Heather Martin: [email protected]

Ronni Halko: [email protected]



  • Ages 10 and up.
  • Cost: $10 per day


  • Ages 16 and up.
  • Act as mentor, socialize and assist with bowling activities.

Thunder Soccer

Montana Rush Thunder soccer program is a community based recreational program specifically designed to help athletes with physical and intellectual disabilities participate in soccer. The emphasis of the program is on development, training, and providing a rewarding experience rather than on competition, enabling individuals to improve their fitness and enhance their self-esteem.

Current Schedule
  • Location:  Siebel Soccer Park, 1000 57th St No
  • $15 per day

For more information contact our Soccer Coordinator:

Jill Van Son:  [email protected]



  • Ages 4 and up
  • You must register through Eagle Mount – 454-1449
  • New participants to Eagle Mount must fill out a participant application.



Our Rafting and Pontoon activities present the opportunity to enjoy a summer’s day on the Missouri River.

For more information contact our Coordinators:

Pontoon:  Heather Martin – [email protected]

Pontoon Guidelines


Rafting: Steph Richardson – [email protected]



  • Ages 8 and up.
  • Must be able to wear a life jacket.
  • The ability to sit independently for extended periods of time.
  • No fear of water and have controlled behavior.


  • Ages 16 and up.
  • Attend Eagle Mount Rafting Volunteer Training.
  • The ability to lift 50 lbs. (rafting volunteers need to be able to row a large raft).
  • Must be able to wear a life jacket.