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Leadership Great Falls Class of 2024 Project

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Donate to the Eagle Mount Tractor Fund Here!Donate to the Eagle Mount Tractor Fund Here!

While there is no questioning the positive effects of Eagle Mount’s programs, being able to provide them requires daily labor and upkeep to Eagle Mount Great Falls’ facility, stalls and arena.  Eagle Mount Great Falls is run by a limited number of staff and the help of volunteers.  To reduce the manpower needed for landscaping, property maintenance, mucking and other labor intensive property upkeep, Eagle Mount is looking to acquire a tractor.

Leadership Great Falls Class of 2024 recognizes this need and has set a goal to raise $45,000 to provide a tractor to Eagle Mount Great Falls.  The amount raised will determine if the tractor will include a cab to protect the operator from cold Montana elements, and function and a higher level with increased horsepower and lifting capacity for the larger projects the property upkeep and maintenance requires. Any excess funds will be used for animal sponsorships or other items on their wish list.

Leadership Great Falls Class of 2024 invites our generous community to rally together to show our support of this amazing organization by raising the funding needed to meet this goal. Donation for tractor are being collected through Leadership Great Falls’ RallyUp page.


Date(s) - 12/29/23 - 04/30/24
All Day