Volunteer Work Day
Eagle Mount Equestrian Center
4792 13th St So

Thank you for helping us!  Eagle Mount Great Falls is a non-profit organization that provides therapeutic and recreational activities for children and adults with disabilities.  We encourage you to check out the rest of our website www.eaglemount.net to learn more about us!

Our Equestrian Center is just one of our facilities and programs.  We have 8 horses that live on our property that provide individuals with disabilities with horsemanship skills – both on the horse and on the ground.  We only have 3 staff members that run this center and we heavily rely on volunteers to help us do all the dirty work!  That is where you all come in!


Friday, January 8th, 2021.  10:00 a.m.

We will have copies of our to do list at the Center.  We will be going over this and showing everyone what, where and how.  This list may change slightly as we go.  We will be here until all the jobs are done. You may come and go as you need!


  • Remember you will be getting dirty so dress for that and for the weather.  Please bring a mask and work gloves.
  • We have a limited amount of tools.  If you have anything like hammers, drills, rakes and/or shovels, please feel free to bring them along!  We will make sure they are labeled and get back to you.

To Do List


About 4.5 tons will be delivered – unload and stack into designated area inside our barn. Bales are about 80lbs each.

Fencing by road

We just had an old building removed from our property that sat up by the road.  We now need to fence this area off with some of our pipe fencing.  We have what is needed and will have instructions in the morning how this will be done.

Outdoor storage area (next to hay storage)

Move items in small shelter to the larger shelter on the right end. Careful with all items in both shelters, they are obstacles for a fundraiser coming up in July.  The smaller outdoor shelter will be used to store items from indoor stalls.

Indoor Stalls

There are two stalls containing storage items (labeled, Storage Stall) – remove all items. Staff will designate all into the following categories:

  1. Throw away
  2. Keep in stall
  3. Take to outside storage area or other designated storage area

Indoor Arena

Rake the deep sand parts in the middle out to the sides. Possibly haul some of the sand out to fill in some low spots in our horse paddocks outside.

Round Pen

Shovel and/or rake sand from edges into and around middle – evening it out.  Fix any siding that the sand may be pushing out.  Pick out all the rocks.

Wood Pile

Remove nails from wood pile in front yard area.  Relocate all the wood to back of property.

Blown Hay Clean Up

There are areas in front of the horse paddocks that are piled with blown over hay. Clean areas up.


Rake up horse manure from paddocks 1a, 2 and 5 and inside all of the horse shelters. In order to keep the fly population down, we do not keep a manure pile. All the manure can be spread out in the middle of the big paddocks in back (3 & 4).  We will drag the manure into the ground when done.

Back of Property

We have a gap in our fencing that needs to be closed off.  We have lots of things to choose from to get this done.

Items back here need to be loosened from the deep weeds and organized, possibly thrown out.  If you are able to pull out any of the weeds, that would help a lot.