Tippy Toes

“Movement, Music & Play. Creative movement for children of all abilities.”
Creative movement is a joyful way for children of all abilities to explore movement through music and to help develop physical and emotional skills while using their bodies. Through movement, children learn about their bodies, space around them, and each other. All children can benefit from creative movement because they can participate at their own level and ability.

  • Children will be put in the most appropriate class for their ability, this does not always coincide with age.

For more information contact our Tippy Toes Coordinator:

T.B.A. – for more information contact our Executive Director, Deb Sivumaki.  [email protected]

COVID 19 Updates

4/1/2020:  To ensure the safety of our community we are in the process developing plans for all of our programs to run safe.  At this time only a few will open and this will be through day to day, week to week decision making.  Our staff will also be working remote but checking messages on a regular basis.

6/1/2020: Tippy Toes is currently on remote learning until further notice.  We are creating Tippy Toes packets filled with fun and creative activities that can be done in the safety of your home! We will contact all registered Tippy Toes participating families as to when and where to pick up a packet. If you are new and interested in our Tippy Toes program, please give Deb a call or send her an email for more information!  (406) 454-1449 or [email protected]