Tippy Toes

“Movement, Music & Play. Creative movement for children of all abilities.”
Creative movement is a joyful way for children of all abilities to explore movement through music and to help develop physical and emotional skills while using their bodies. Through movement, children learn about their bodies, space around them, and each other. All children can benefit from creative movement because they can participate at their own level and ability.

  • Families with infants or toddlers of all abilities (inclusive program).
  • Children will be put in the most appropriate class for their ability, this does not always coincide with age.

For more information contact our Tippy Toes Coordinator:

Jill Van Son: [email protected]


Spring session will start in April – stay tuned for schedule

Participant Requirements


Tippy Toes – Creative Movement

  • Mondays:  Toddler Program, 3 years – 5 years.
  • Wednesdays: Baby Program, 6 weeks – 1.5 years (non-mobile)
  • Thursdays: Waddler/Toddler Program, 1.5 years – 3 years (Mobile)
  • $10 per class (discount for 2nd child family member)
  • Parent/Guardian participation recommended.
  • Classes are for ALL abilities.