Montana Vet Program (MVP)


Rifle Raffle and Knuckle Buster


“Suffer Well”. We believe Montana can heal its veterans.
Join us as we use Montana’s iconic locations (e.g. Yellowstone, Glacier, and the Missouri River Breaks) as a backdrop for our veteran led therapeutic trips. At MVP, our goal is to let veterans help veterans deal with their struggles through the use of comradery, physical activity, and tough minded healing.

Our 2017 trips are in the books!  Stayed tuned for our 2018 adventures as well as our first big fundraiser event the Knuckle Buster – July 21, 2018!



If you’re a veteran who is ready for a different path to healing, join the veteran staff at MVP as we carry our 75 lb “Pig Egg” through the iconic locations of Montana in order to promote comradery, physical activity, adventure and tough-minded healing.  Our trips are 2-4 day long expeditions with all food, equipment and suffering provided. MVP’s trips are led by experienced veteran team leaders – no counselors.  Pig Egg: A bag full of 6,894 dog tags from the men and women who honorably gave their lives serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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