Montana Vet Program (MVP)

“Suffer Well”. We believe Montana can heal its veterans.
Join us as we use Montana’s iconic locations (e.g. Yellowstone, Glacier, and the Missouri River Breaks) as a backdrop for our veteran led therapeutic trips. At MVP, our goal is to let veterans help veterans deal with their struggles through the use of comradery, physical activity, and tough minded healing.


Veteran-Led Therapeutic Adventure Trips



If you’re a veteran who is ready for a different path to healing, join the veteran staff at MVP as we carry our 75 lb “Pig Egg” through the iconic locations of Montana in order to promote comradery, physical activity, adventure and tough-minded healing.  Our trips are 2-4 day long expeditions with all food, equipment and suffering provided. MVP’s trips are led by experienced veteran team leaders – no counselors.  Pig Egg: A bag full of 6,894 dog tags from the men and women who honorably gave their lives serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Veterans that meet one of the following parameters will be considered for MVP activities:

1. A disability rating of 10% or more awarded by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

2. A minimum of one deployment in a combat zone (e.g. Iraq, Afghanistan, or Vietnam).

3. Veteran Affairs Service Officer’s discretionary decision.

Processing Procedures

The following procedures will be required to assist us in assessing each veteran for acceptance into an MVP event.

1. Veteran will download or request an MVP application packet. The packet will include: Eagle Mount Application Form, MVP Supplemental Form, and Medical Release Form. MVP Application Packet

2. Mail all forms to: MVP Applicant, P.O. Box 2866, Great Falls, MT 59403.  Please be sure to have your return address on envelope and include the following forms:
a. Completed MVP application packet.
b. A copy of your DD-214
c. A copy of your Disability Compensation Award Attachment (VA Form
21-8764) OR a Civil Service Preference Letter.

3. Once the veteran’s packet and supplement forms are received, the sealed packet will be given directly to a Veteran Service Officer (VSO) at the Great Falls Department of Veterans Affairs’ office.

4. The VSO will open packet, remove and keep veteran’s DD-214. VSO will screen all documents for participant requirements and submit a letter of approval or disapproval into the veteran’s application packet envelope and return to MVP. At no time will MVP staff be privy to an applicant’s DD-214.

5. An MVP veteran staffer will read through each applicant’s packet and conduct a phone interview with the veteran applying for MVP events. Once all phone interviews have been conducted, all veteran applications will be submitted to a committee. The committee will meet and read through each applicant’s packet. The committee will then determine the most appropriate and safest activities for each individual veteran (not all activities are appropriate for all veterans).


For more information contact the Montana Vet Program at [email protected] or follow us on Facebook