The Mission

The mission of the Montana Vet Program (MVP) is to provide Veteran Led Therapeutic Adventure Trips (VLTAT) to our state’s, and the surrounding state’s, struggling veterans in order to promote healing through: comradery, physical activity, adventure, and tough-minded healing.

At MVP, we believe veterans desire adventure and comradery in their lives but are not always able to attain either once they exit the military. Additionally, we believe in the importance of promoting physical activity, time spent in nature, and healthy eating habits because of the mental, physical, and spiritual health benefits associated with all. Join us in exploring the wild, rugged, and iconic landscapes of Montana.

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Veteran-led Therapeutic Adventure Trips

The Beaten Path
Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness

Upper Missouri River Breaks
National Monument

Meadow Creek Airstrip
Bob Marshall Wilderness

Our Lake
Rocky Mountain Front

The Adventure Begins Here

MVP conducts a broad range of veteran-led therapeutic adventure trips throughout Montana. Our trips are led by experienced veteran team leaders – no counselors. Trips range from 2-4 days in length with all food, equipment and suffering provided. We deliver an experience that is both physically and mentally challenging but promises a great deal of reward.  Through our trips, a group of individuals with shared experiences emerge as a team with an appreciation for what it means to Suffer Well. If you’re a veteran who is ready for a different path to healing, join the veteran staff at MVP as we carry our 75 lb “Pig Egg” through the iconic locations of Montana in order to promote comradery, physical activity, adventure and tough-minded healing.  Our trips are 2-4 day long expeditions with all food, equipment and suffering provided.

Pig Egg: A bag containing the nearly 7,000 dog tags from the men and women who honorably gave their lives serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The only thing I can promise you is you’re going to get to know some fellow vets, you’re going to see a part of Montana that you’ve probably never seen before. I promise you that there is going to be pain and suffering in our trips and they are going to be challenging, but there is also going to be a reward and I think at the end of the day you will find that you will have a different perspective when you leave our program.”

Luke Urick, MVP Program Director

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The Ops Brief

In this video Luke and Tim outline the gear that will be issued to you prior to one of our VLTATs. This should answer the majority of questions we receive and help you decide what you need to bring. Additional questions? Email us at [email protected]

Suffer Well

In this video Luke and Tim address some key points in preparing for a VLTAT. The information put forth is a general guide driven by after action reports from our team leaders and how we can improve your experience during a trip. Additional questions? Contact us at [email protected]

Suffer Well